How has Pharmedistore Marketplace gained in performance and profitability with Wizaplace? 


Created in 2018, Pharmedistore is the 1st B2B marketplace dedicated to pharmacists. The platform, which gives access to a large catalog of para-pharmaceutical products, proposes 350 brands and more than 15 000 references.

In 2020, while Pharmedistore had 3 different platform management solutions - a marketplace editor, an e-commerce CMS, and an external PIM - Antoine Laurent, CEO of Pharmedistore, called upon Wizaplace to rethink the functioning of the platform with an all-in-one solution.

"The only way to focus on business development is to have no more IT related issues! Performance and maintenance costs did not allow us to ensure our growth trend. It was time for a change. To find a partner who would listen to us, who could help us grow serenely with a more customized solution", Antoine Laurent

Antoine Laurent shares his feedbacks on Pharmedistore platform's evolution with Wizaplace.

Find in this case study : 


The context in which Pharmedistore was before Wizaplace

The challenges of the marketplace's deployment

✅ Why Wizaplace has been chosen as the marketplace solution ?

✅ The project's progress

✅ The solutions provided by Wizaplace

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