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Simplify your business processes. Reduce the costs of your multi-player projects.
Create a marketplace to accelerate your digital transformation.

Why create your own marketplace to accelerate your company’s digital transformation?

Many companies are embarking on digital projects with complex solutions that are slow to implement and difficult to maintain, but which do not always meet their expectations. As part of a multi-stakeholder project, the marketplace model can be considered as a solution to these issues. Improved user experience, data centralization, simplified processes and monitoring, scalability: the model makes any type of multi user project possible.

Examples of projects behind which a marketplace is hidden:

  A digital platform centralizing company suppliers

  A platform regrouping training courses offered by third parties to a network of partners

  An intranet assembling third-party provider offers

  A portal connecting internal services to a company

  A platform for monitoring business contributions

  A modernized “directory type” project


Digitalizing your company means digitizing your tools. Have you thought of the marketplace as a digital transformation lever?

Wizaplace offers you’re a simple all-in-one Saas solution to create your marketplace.

Wizaplace offers you’re a simple all-in-one Saas solution to create your marketplace

Why create your marketplace
with Wizaplace?

An all-in-one solution

intuitive and simple to use

Rapid deployment

of the marketplace

No commission

on our clients’ sales

Saas technology

robust and proven

They chose Wizaplace to create their marketplace



Discover in this case study the feedback of our client, Pharmedistore, first B2B marketplace dedicated to pharmacists. In 2020, Antoine Laurent, CEO of Pharmedistore, called upon Wizaplace to rethink the functioning of the platform with an all-in-one marketplace solution.


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