Wizaplace Features

The solution to creating your marketplace quickly, adapting to your business specific needs.

An all-in-one marketplace Saas solution

Wizaplace brings together the administrator back office, the sales back offices and the customer front office in one environment simplifying your platform management.

Wizaplace Core :
the driving force behind your marketplace

The solution’s foundation, Wizaplace Core coordinates different business processes and orchestrates the entire marketplace.
Partly based on a microservices architecture, it consists of extensive tools able to communicate with one another through APIs.
It offers maximum upgradability and integrates with third-party solutions according to the needs of your project.

A marketplace PIM (Product information management) ​

The Wizaplace PIM allows you to easily manage your products and services, categories, to define attributes and to moderate content. Your sellers can import their catalogs via Excel CSV file, via API or interface, or use automatic information-matching.


The platform allows you to sell products, services, and subscription services (payment frequency, commitment period, renewal).

Geographical availability
of products

Suppliers can define the areas in which they operate for all or some of their products. Filter offers based on user location information and check eligibility for purchase.

Validation workflow

The tool allows you to manage a network of users authorized to place orders subject to validation by a third party validator according to criteria (price, product category, etc.)

B2B payment method

Pay by card, transfer or wire transfer using our pre-integrated connectors to payment service providers. Wizaplace also allows an offline payment method that does not trigger payments or any payment method.

EU B2B Transaction

For B2B transactions between EU countries, this feature allows for VAT exemption when a product is sold in a different country than the seller’s to a business buyer.

Back Offices:

Multi-functional interfaces
for marketplace administrators and sellers

Administrator Back Office  

Reserved space for the marketplace administrator, the Administrator Back Office provides the operator with all the features necessary for daily platform management, from sellers onboarding to account report management, as well as content moderation.

Seller Back Office

Designed for third-party sellers on your platform, the Seller Back Office brings together all the tools for managing their activities, from catalog management to managing orders, and of course accounts management.

Front Office:

The showcase for your marketplace

Beyond the APIs at the heart of the solution, Wizaplace provides you with tools making it easy to set up your front office: template use, integration with an existing CMS or customized design. Natively responsive, our solution ensures an optimized display of your marketplace on desktop, mobile and tablets.

Integrated buyer front office

Simple integration

Degree of customization

Particularly suitable for projects not requiring customized design

Customizable, natively responsive and SEO friendly, Wizaplace templates make the integration of your platform easy and enable quick first project uploads.

Customized buyer front office

Simple integration

Degree of customization

Developed by one of our partner agencies or your IT teams

The Developing Kit allows developers to access Wizaplace’s features more easily without having to convert APIs and rebuild data models. Data exploitation is therefore facilitated.

Wizaplace is connected to market solutions

Our APIs facilitate the integration of complementary technologies in your marketplace

Wizaplace is connected to market solutions

Our APIs facilitate the integration of complementary technologies in your marketplace

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