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Our mission ? To democratize the marketplace model

Our story


Eric Alessandri wants to uberize the audio-prosthesis market in which he has been evolving for 10 years. Without a suitable solution, he begins developing his own marketplace. While his platform is ready, decrees still prevent the remote sale of hearing aids.


The project changes direction and gives way to Wizacha.com, a marketplace that brings secure payment to the world of classified ads and references hundreds of thousands of products. At the same time, the developed technology interests several companies. The Saas marketplace creation solution Wizaplace is launched.


Wizaplace increases its platforms’ usage spectrum: circular economy, e-procurement, internal marketplaces. The company obtains the FrenchTech Pass, granted to hyper-growth companies.


Wizaplace joins the LUNDI MATIN Group
Coupled with the acquisition of the company Oxatis the same year, the LUNDI MATIN Group wishes to upset established models and give life to and support the digital transformation of companies.
Thus the LUNDI MATIN Group offers a 360° offer on physical commerce, e-commerce and marketplaces.

Our vision

Because having high-performance tools for your business should not be reserved only for the largest groups, the leitmotif of LUNDI MATIN is to democratize access to the latest computer technologies for all companies.

Thus, LUNDI MATIN designs and markets a set of solutions allowing each company to manage its activity in a simple and efficient way.

Sustainable and ambitious group, reliable and innovative solutions


Since the launch of the company, our ambition has been to produce the best products on the market, combining reliability, ergonomics and innovation.

Our teams share the desire to be ahead of the functionalities developed by our competitors through innovation, in order to meet our customers’ expectations as closely as possible.

All the actions carried out are for the sake of performance. We want to support our customers and partners in the development of their business, while respecting costs and deadlines.


Because our solutions are the cornerstones of our customers’ information systems, we give our best every day to exceed our commitments in terms of product quality, availability and after-sales service.

Integrity is at the heart of all our collaborations, we act with honesty and transparency in all the projects we carry out, by studying their feasibility beforehand.

Each customer and each partner counts, which is why all of our employees share the desire to work in the best possible way to ensure the success of our projects.


To achieve our ambitions, we are aware that every detail counts. Also, we set up advanced quality processes, because we know the importance of our actions for our customers and partners.

The company’s employees demonstrate commitment and responsibility by making the most of their skills, and by being fully aware of the repercussions that their work has on business activity.

Because for us entrepreneurship is a guarantee of social mobility, we do everything we can to support managers in the development of their business, without forgetting the comfort of the daily users of our solutions.

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