50% of BtoB marketplaces
for Wizaplace in 2017

Press release

Lyon, January 12th, 2018

Two and a half years since the launch of its marketplace creation and management solution, Wizaplace has established its place on the market and is experiencing a meteoric rise, in particular when it comes to BtoB marketplace provision.

The marketplace model is gaining ground in BtoB and Wizaplace’s position in this market is going from strength to strength! In fact, Lyon’s Publisher of Saas marketplace platform creation won forty new accounts last year.

Main lesson of the year: e-merchants are not the only companies taken by the marketplace model. Over half of new clients are companies which subscribe to the marketplace model for digital transformation of BtoB projects.

“The marketplace model is much more generic than one might imagine,” says Eric Alessandri, CEO of Wizaplace. For instance, in addition to sales, the marketplace provides a real solution for companies wishing to review their distribution processes (franchise networks, partner networks …). Likewise, we have convinced three first major accounts to work with our platform to re-initialize their purchasing and e-procurement processes. Finally, the marketplace model also impacts company marketing, in that we can create innovative business models around their “core business”.

At the beginning of the year, BNP Leasing is set to unveil an agricultural and industrial equipment ‘Airbnb’, rather unexpected for a bank.

Faced with such enthusiasm, and after having successfully raised funds of over 2 million euros in January 2017, Wizaplace has accelerated its deployment.

The team doubles

On the team front, with nearly 20 new positions filled in the year, today Wizaplace has over 30 employees. The team has been technically enhanced by the arrival of several IT engineers to consolidate the solution’s applicative and functional core, and project managers to support client deployment.

400 m2 of new premises

To welcome the whole team, Wizaplace has set its sights higher. The company has moved to new premises, located in the Vaise district of Lyon, at 24 Rue de la Gare. Measuring around 400m², these airy, bright space heralds’ great achievements.

Objectives for 2018: to expand the functional spectrum of Wizaplace further and put the greatest marketplaces on the market into production!

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