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E-commerce is going through a great revolution: the rise in power of the marketplace! Today, more than 50% of online sales worldwide are made on these multi-seller ecommerce sites. The opportunity of a rich and unlimited offer, simplified comparison and improved user experience explain the marketplace model’s success among increasingly demanding consumers.

 Wizaplace offers you an all-in-one Saas solution to create your product or service B2C marketplace easily.

A solution
adapted to your B2C marketplace


With the help of promotions, discount codes and personalized recommendations, boost your sales in line with the pace of events in your business sector.


Give your customers a voice by allowing them to rate the offered products and services, as well as your marketplace sellers.


Help your customers with their future purchases with the creation of wishlists allowing favourite products to be saved and ordered later.


Measure user satisfaction with our integrated feedback tool.


A secure code system for retrieving parcels, thereby preventing disputes for in-store withdrawals and other hand-delivery methods.


Open up your platform internationally and manage the languages and availability of your offer according to the country or geographic area targeted.


The administrator may put promotions into place on their marketplace without impacting a seller’s earnings.


Our solution complies with SEO related best practices and standards in order to optimize the natural referencing of your marketplace (Google guidelines).


Share your products and services on social networks to increase their visibility.

The particular case
of B2C service marketplaces


Wizaplace develops a set of features dedicated to service marketplaces.


As for products managed by the PIM (Product Information Manager), the services have their own data entry and management tool: the SIM (Service Information Manager).


With geolocation, offer your customers the ability to locate nearby services.

Provider Profile

Give your service providers the opportunity to showcase their added value and give your customers maximum insight through the provider profile pages.

Transaction security

Take advantage of our validation system, with or without a password, in order to guarantee service realization before provider payment.

Internal Messaging

Enable your buyers and sellers to communicate with each other through your marketplace’s internal messaging service.

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Saas technology

robust and proven

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Discover in this case study the feedback of our client, Pharmedistore, first B2B marketplace dedicated to pharmacists. In 2020, Antoine Laurent, CEO of Pharmedistore, called upon Wizaplace to rethink the functioning of the platform with an all-in-one marketplace solution.

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