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Press release

September 1st, 2015

Wizaplace is a new Saas platform for marketplace creation. Available since 2015, it makes possible the creation of B2C, B2B and C2C and of tailor-made marketplaces. It has half a dozen references.

Wizaplace is a new Saas (software as a service) platform creating marketplaces of any sort or size. Designed in 2012 for the marketplace Wizacha (405 E-merchants, 350 000 products for sale), Wizaplace integrates around thirty modules in order to successfully complete any type of project: marketplaces « B to C » (Businesses to customers), B to B (business to business), C to C (customer to customer) or collaborative interlinking platforms (AirBnB, Blablacar…)

Wizaplace has been available since May 2015. The platform integrates some thirty tools adapted for managing the day to day running of a marketplace, among those: La Cuisine du Web

  • Seller Management (category limitation, description, logo, dedicated URL, professional and non-professional sellers)
  • Product Moderation or services provided by administrators: by product, by lot or by whole catalog
  • Sales Management: detailed sales reports, financial flow management according to payment parameter commissions and deadlines, …
  • A number of other customizable elements: Commissions, modalities of payment, modes of delivery, languages and currencies, etc.

The marketplace is one of the most successful services in e-commerce connecting buyers and sellers in a flexible and modular way. It multiplies their number. It automates their relations. It is mobile, social and open.

Wizaplace is a platform designed to build these new universes.

Wizaplace is a service coming from the company Wizacha, which was created in 2012 by Eric Alessandri. is based in Lyon and employes ten members of staff.

This year, the company has been strengthened by the arrival of Sylvain Ramousse, ex CTO of AppGratis, in the position of technical director, and Alain Laidet, creator of the E-Commerce fair in Paris, as an investor and Consultant.

Wizaplace will be present at the E-commerce fair in Paris and can be found in the area “Start-up” (stand B 055). Eric Alessandri will attend the fair, and will host the conference” The 10 golden rules for creating your marketplace (or for ‘uberising’ a market)” on the 22nd of September from 11.30 to 12.15.

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