Wizaplace has designed and developed the first comprehensive Saas platform for marketplace creation. It allows the creation of all types of electronic marketplaces: BtoC, BtoB, CtoC, and or service marketplaces.

It is the only “all-in-one” platform on the market. It includes some 60 modules, including a full front office (a client e-commerce space 100% mobile friendly, SEO optimized) and vendor back-offices (managing their catalogue and sales marketing) and administrators (accounting / management, sales reports, site moderation). Our strengths include:

  • Wizaplace is the only SaaS platform in Europe creating C2C marketplaces, it’s an original expertise.
  • Wizaplace does not take any commission on its customer sales
  • It is the fastest platform to implement on the market: taking between 15 days and 3 months depending on the projects!




The company no longer stands alone, but instead is the link to a network of companies connected by constant electronic exchanges and daily transactions.

Wizaplace’s B2B marketplace offers a complete solution to streamline these distribution networks, a solution that integrates five BtoB-specific features:

  • Price Management (prices displayed excluding tax to connected buyers…)
  • Sales process management (bulk-buy discount, estimate request, calls for tenders, …)
  • Precise user rights (authentication, management of client receivables)
  • Dedicated orders and payment (transfers, withdrawals, invoice grouping, …)
  • Handling international constraints

Wizaplace relies on a complete B2B functional universe to set up intercompany marketplaces.


To sell products and / or deploy services

The BtoC marketplace is deployed according to two main models:

  • The product marketplace: the brand adds complementary products to its native inventory. These add-ons increase the online assortment and visibility of the site. They provide additional sales (commission on sales of complementary products)
  • The marketplace for the sale of services: the brand maps all the service providers able to distribute / install its products. It brings them together in a space dedicated to the presentation and sale of their services.

Wizaplace BtoC is a platform benefiting from around sixty modules which it uses to create the most powerful BtoC marketplace on the market, marketplace products as marketplace services!

The Wizaplace platform has several million products, and the commitment of thousands of third-party vendors.


The consumer to consumer marketplace.

Wizaplace is the only Saas marketplace platform publisher to dispose of an off -the -shelf CtoC offer. At Wizaplace, these C2C platforms are based on a set of specifications and unique technical features, including: 

  • Trade security (authentication of the relevant parties through password exchange),
  • A dedicated sales and registration process, ;
  • Rules for commission handling, VAT processing, processing administrative and accounting rules (withdrawal rules, billing tools),
  • Back offices dedicated to professional and non-professional sellers,

These devices make it possible to build turn-key collaborative platforms quickly, ensuring perfect handling and trade security for all those involved.


Uber and Airbnb are not just here by chance ; they embody the power of modern e-commerce and the marketplace model.

Adopting this model means being able to access today’s e-commerce market, a multi-commerce, namely multi-vendor, multi-channel distribution.

This is the model that consumers want: because the offer is federated, it has a wider range, it’s simpler to access and often less costly.

All markets will move to marketplace speed! According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 100,000 marketplaces worldwide. This market digitisation is the largest provider of company growth. Those knowing how to digitise their market first will pave the way to success!


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