Wizaplace presents its BtoB marketplaces
at Entreprise du Futur Exhibition

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Lyon, the 21st of May 2018

On January 18th, Wizaplace will be in Lyon to attend Entreprise du Futur, a disruptive thinking congress proposed by the software publisher Visiativ. Over 5,000 executives will immerse themselves in phygital and co-construction, two themes at the core of the BtoB marketplaces Wizaplace creates for its clients.

BtoB marketplaces are at the heart of digitally transforming companies, with very varied and effective models, these are to be unveiled by Wizaplace on January 18th at Lyon’s “Entreprise du Futur” fair, the only congress in France dedicated entirely to company digital transformation.

“The marketplace can impact many of a company’s functions: sales, purchasing, HR and its corporate innovation projects,” says Eric Alessandri, the founder of this Lyon based start-up created in 2012.

Because the marketplace undertakes a generic transversal commitment to all of these functions: it brings electronic catalogues together on a unified online space; it allows the monetization of these catalogues, or the addition of dedicated processes to such information (BtoB marketplaces).

“In business, first and foremost, the marketplace impacts sales, but it also effects its trading circuits,” says Eric Alessandri. When it comes to sales, the marketplace illustrates the rising power of multi-seller e-commerce, an area where traditional e-commerce platforms are only able to manage that of single-seller (a brand selling its products online to its clients). This ability to unite hundreds of sellers on one unified platform makes it possible not solely to multiply proposed online offers (Amazon model), but also to build service marketplaces, bringing together marketplace operator partners to launch new services (for instance, the portal installer marketplace supported by the portal manufacturer).

These new sales tools are also available on BtoB. Then add to that dedicated functions: group rate management, special order processes (quotes, quantity discounts, …), buyer rights management or BtoB payment methods.

But the marketplace can to do even better. It provides a really constructive alternative for companies wishing to digitize their distribution processes (franchise networks, partner networks, etc.). The initiator of the project federates all their product offers on a corporate marketplace, which they then distribute to their partners or distributors.

The opportunity to make a great leap into the 21st century and to be at the heart of digital transformation.

Another vector to immerse yourself in this marketplace revolution: reconsider its purchasing process. “We have convinced three top companies to work with our platform to re-initialize their purchasing and e-procurement processes,” says Eric Alessandri. At the heart of these purchasing projects, the same technical DNA: gathering supplier catalogues on a central platform and giving them secure access to dedicated collaborators.

Finally, the marketplace model is a powerful creativity lever for young intrapreneurs of major groups. In the coming weeks, BNP Leasing Solution will launch an Airbnb for agricultural and industrial equipment. The bank has chosen to support its clients’ substantial investments by offering a new online service allowing them to optimize the use of these materials. A great idea!

The range of marketplace model applications is therefore very wide. Thanks to its modularity, the Wizaplace platform addresses all of these projects. Over thirty new clients joined Wizaplace in 2017, more than half of them for BtoB marketplace projects.

The entire Wizaplace team will be at Entreprise du Futur to answer business leaders’ questions on the potential and the modalities of setting up a BtoB marketplace.

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