Wizaplace raises more than € 2 million
to democratise its saas marketplace offer

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Lyon, February 17th, 2017

The French Saas marketplace publisher, Wizaplace, has just clinched its second round of fundraising, worth more than € 2 million, to accelerate the deployment of its “all-in-one” marketplace model. A revolution in the e-commerce platform market.

Wizaplace is going to be able to accelerate the deployment of its model “all-in-one” for marketplace creation: Since 2012, Wizaplace has developed a complete platform for marketplace creation and management, the production costs and implementation times of which are reduced fivefold when compared to that of other current market technologies.

First launched commercially in September 2015, in its first marketing year, the platform was chosen by around twenty clients. Not only start-ups and retailers (Desporteo, Kolectiv Design, Okadran …) but also distributors (Crédit Mutuel Arkea, …) have adopted this comprehensive platform to build their marketplace.

Fresh from its initial success, Wizaplace has brought together a prestigious board to accelerate the deployment of its model.

Around ten “business angels” from high-tech business and industry have subscribed to the company’s vision and have chosen to give it their financial backing.
Among these are:

  • Françoise Gri, ex CEO of IBM France, Manpower and Pierre et 
  • Pierre Asseo, entrepreneur and investor, founder and CEO of Wabel (www.wabel.com), a new generation B2B matching solution in the consumer goods sector, facilitating collaboration between industrialists and distributors around the world
  • Patrick Bénichou, founder of Open Wide, The N ° 2 of open source in France, sold last summer to Smile
  • SaaS Partners, a holding company made up of 20 experienced SaaS contractors, including Martin Génot (COO of PhotoBox and multi-entrepreneur), Bertrand Fredenucci (founder of Btwinz SaaS Ventures and multi-entrepreneur) 
  • Didier Farge, a co-founder of Conexance which recently merged with the WPP group, President of the #Conext Lille trade fair, President of the SNCD Strategic Committee 
  • Bruno Florence, SNCD Vice-President and CRM-Emailing expert
  • The founders of Bordeaux’s digital marketing editor Dolist, Jean Paul Lieux and Denis Olivier

All of these contributions and their associated financial operations allow Wizaplace to receive a financial booster of over 2 million euros.

Wizaplace’s challenge: Democratising of the Marketplace model.

The successes of Amazon, Alibaba and the Bon Coin embody a new generation of e-commerce. Wizaplace puts itself at the service of all e-merchants and SMEs, ETI and large groups. The platform has more than 70 modules to create and manage all types of marketplace: BtoC, BtoB, CtoC, cross-channel marketplace or services. In one single environment, it brings together the three essential elements required for undertaking such a project:

  • A marketplace front office
  • A seller back office
  • An administrator back office

“Unlike traditional mono-vendor e-commerce platforms, the marketplace is a multi-vendor environment, which impacts all of its components, says founder of Wizaplace Eric Alessandri. We have designed our platform as collection of interdependent micro-services which are much easier to deploy and maintain”. This collection is complemented by a complete environment of APIs and connectors to the principal CMS, ERP, CRM and PIM’s on the market, again facilitating the implementation of client projects.

These require an increasing number of skills such as seller “on boarding” and merchandising adapted to the marketplace, etc. With this in mind, Wizaplace has set up a network of technical partners, the “Cluster Marketplace”, contributing to the success of client projects. 

For the second consecutive year, Wizaplace will be present at E-Commerce One to One fair in Monaco from the 22nd to the 24th of March, The ‘not-to-miss’ e-commerce event in Europe. Wizaplace is among the 130 partners selected for the quality of their platform.

The company is composed of around 20 employees. It was created and is managed by Eric and Cécile Alessandri. Sylvain Ramousse, co-founder of Batch and AppGratis, is the product manager. Alain Laidet, founder of the Paris E-Commerce fair, intervenes at Wizaplace as an investor and associate director.

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