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Lyon, the 21st May 2018

For the second year running, the French marketplace creation software publisher, Wizaplace is present on Viva Technology, sharing its marketplace model vision. Without a shadow of a doubt: when it comes to digitally transforming businesses, BtoC and BtoB marketplaces have extraordinary potential. Discover the new Swiss Army knife in the world of digital transformation.

The marketplace model is gradually being introduced into the panoply of key software available for digitally transforming businesses. Wizaplace, the French marketplace creation software publisher can, for the second consecutive year, be found at Viva Technology (booth J22-008) sharing its latest achievements in BtoB marketplaces and its convictions on the interest and potential of these marketplaces.

Appropriately, Wizaplace is present at Viva Technology under the category “Accelerate Business Partners”. The marketplace model transmits this acceleration to three main workings of business: sales, purchases and innovation.

Marketplaces for selling

Driven by Amazon and Alibaba, BtoC marketplaces are, as of now, attracting 50% of global e-commerce. An existing e-commerce site may choose to add a product marketplace, or to launch a marketplace offering related services, to its business. Two models waiting to be discovered at Wizaplace.

The same dynamic is applied for BtoB marketplaces. As with BtoC projects, a BtoB marketplace must propose the widest ranging offer in a market sector in order to bring together the highest number of players on its platform.

In contrast, BtoB marketplaces must offer order taking processes and dedicated purchasing: custom pricing, user rights management and specific payment methods, among others. Features already deployed to our clients.

The marketplace for ‘redesigning’ your distribution network

Beyond direct sales, the marketplace model may invite itself to an otherwise strategic table: the configuration of a business’ distribution network. The core of the operation is to bring together, on one single platform, all product catalogs distributed by a business, of which scheduling, and configuration will remain exclusively under its control.

All that remains to be done is to distribute all or part of these catalogs through its retailors. On a corporate marketplace, the initiator of the project federates all their product range, which they then distribute to their partners or distributors. Wizaplace has been able to deploy this type of platform since 2017.

Purchasing department: marketplaces for e-procurement

Another reason to immerse yourself in this marketplace revolution is the rethinking of the purchasing process. At the forefront of these projects: centralizing supplier catalogs and providing secure access to dedicated employees. The specificities of access are quite similar to those in BtoB sales, only they are accompanied by a new generation of more efficient software, which is more open and, ultimately, much more transparent for purchasing departments. Thus, allowing them to offer optimal skills and knowledge in market analysis.

Marketplaces for the BtoB circular economy

The last innovation vector to be driven by the marketplace model is the circular economy. These platforms reveal new exchange models, information sharing and / or resources between partners of the same ecosystem. In other words, industrial sectors can create personalized “Boncoin”, namely in the building, distribution, chemistry or pharmacy sectors. Major projects will undoubtedly arise in these new areas of inter-company e-commerce. Wizaplace already has two.

One thing is certain: the marketplace is the Swiss Army knife of digital transformations.

In response, Wizaplace, provides an “all-in-one” platform equipped with nearly 80 modules dedicated to the building of BtoC or BtoB marketplaces. Launched in June 2015, the platform already has around fifty customers, SMEs, start-ups and key accounts. Eric Alessandri, CEO of Wizaplace, will be present at the show, and can be found at the Wizaplace booth, place J22 – 008. Three senior marketplace consultants will be at visitor’s disposal in order to study with them the best levers of digital transformation applicable to their case.

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