Wizaplace announces collaboration with Microsoft Azure to support the digital transformation of organizations with the marketplace model

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Lyon, September 21, 2021

Wizaplace, a marketplace publisher, announces its collaboration with Microsoft Azure. Among the various Microsoft offers, Azure allows software to be hosted on the platforms they operate, meaning solution providers no longer have to worry about infrastructure, availability, networks. Wizaplace therefore relies on their infrastructure to deploy its clients’ marketplaces.


Thanks to this collaboration, Wizaplace will be able to provide its customers with high-performance environments that not only match their needs and activities, but also provide a worldwide, high level of security.

This collaboration meets the needs of existing Wizaplace customers, as well as its international development ambitions. By using the infrastructure of a global cloud computing player such as Azure, Wizaplace expands its worldwide marketplace hosting opportunities and gives its customers the chance of deploying their platforms in several countries, and this with the support of a robust technology player.

From a technical point of view, the Azure solution ensures the performance, scalability, security, and compliance required to deploy Wizaplace solutions, along with the increasingly high level of availability demanded by marketplaces.

Based on innovation and trust, the relationship between Wizaplace and Azure strengthens the commitment of both companies to the digital transformation of organizations around the world using the marketplace model.


« The decision to work with Microsoft Azure was motivated primarily by a shared DNA for innovation. Azure allows us to support the high levels of availability, scalability and security expected by our customers, while at the same time preserving the flexibility required to innovate and improve time-to-market. Having international customers, it was imperative for Wizaplace to team up with a leading player in technology which is globally present. Through this collaboration, we were looking to enable our European customers to maintain data management from storage to processing within the European Union where it will be subject to EU law, including GDPR. We were also in search of company with a large ecosystem, and with a marketing and sales support capacity to be able to accompany our customers in the implementation and functional evolutions of their marketplace», Laurent Fichet – CTO of Wizaplace.

« Our collaboration with the marketplace publisher Wizaplace, confirms Microsoft’s commitment to working with innovative companies contributing to the digital transformation of organizations. The marketplace model is now a transformation lever and that’s why we are very happy to be working with Wizaplace », said Anthony Virapin, Director Startups & ISV Recruit Business Unit, Microsoft France.


About Wizaplace
Created in 2012, Wizaplace has developed an all-in-one marketplace creation solution. The SaaS solution brings together all the functionalities required to create B2B and B2C product or service marketplaces in one single environment. It natively integrates the administrator back office to operate the platform on a daily basis, the seller back office to aggregate third party catalogs, and the front office, the marketplace’s showcase. Wizaplace offers a robust and complete solution, delivered on a turnkey basis, which accelerates marketplace deployment. The company’s customers include startups, SMEs, and corporate groups. Based in Lyon, Wizaplace also has offices in Paris.
For more information : https://www.wizaplace.com


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